Our customers are so important, we wanted to provide around-the-clock access to rent and pay for your unit!

Say hello to Megan, our 24 hour kiosk!

Fletcher Storage Center, LLC presents customers with a new state-of-the-art computerized check-in and payment system, named Megan. This kiosk delivers customer support 24 hours a day, regardless of our office hours. So even when we aren't in the office, Megan can take care of all your Storage Needs! Located conveniently next to our office entrance, Megan can:

  • Process Payments
  • Rent Units
  • Answer your questions with Live Support (available 24 hrs/day)
  • Ensure you receive excellent support
  • and More!

Developed by OpenTech, Insomnia AssistantManager, "Megan" makes renting a unit easy and convenient, any time of day.

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