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Helpful Hints

We've compiled a list of "Helpful Hints for Easy Storage" that we find is a great resource when moving. 

  • Cover furniture with drop cloths or sheeting after giving it a good polish.
  • Defrost refrigerators. Leave doors open to avoid stale odors.
  • Seal boxes with masking or packing tape.
  • It is not recommended that you store pianos or art objects, especially if your unit is not climate controlled.
  • Mattress and box springs should be wrapped with plastic covers, drop cloths or paper. Do not set directly on floor or lean against walls.
  • Clothes should be stored in boxes, plastic bags or clothing bags.
  • Keep all items off floor if possible to let air underneath. Skids or pallets are helpful. At the very least, we recommend placing plastic under all cardboard boxes.
  • Use a light coat of oil to retard rusting of exposed metals.
  • Couches (except sofa-beds) can be stored on end to maximize space.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures with paper pads or mirror boxes. Never store these items flat.
  • Items to which you’ll need easy access should be stored in the front of your unit.
  • Leave a center aisle for easy access to all items.
  • Free-standing shelving can maximize storage space.
  • Tables can be disassembled and stored on their side.
  • The inside space of dressers, refrigerators and freezers can be used for storage.
  • Label boxes on several sides. Keep a separate list of stored items.
  • WARNING: Do not store combustibles or perishables! Old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline, etc. are not acceptable storage items. Make certain all fuel is drained or burned out of gasoline powered equipment. Do not store food.